NAS solutions

NAS solutions (Network Attached Storage) are intended for applications that require access to data at the level of files (ex. File Sharing) with authentication at the user level and in general where the files are accessed by multiple applications (or users) from one common source. NAS equipment is installed in the LAN and all users/applications that can access the network and have access rights to the equipment, can access files stored in a common point. Also, NAS equipment can be used as a destination for backup applications. Using iSCSI capabilities it can be created storage consolidation solutions without requiring investment in a SAN architecture type based on Fibre Channel.



  • Reducing the time of processing information
  • High capacity of adjustment depending on the specific requirements of each application
  • Transparent scaling of storage capacity and the degree of loading
  • Increasing the number of users or processes that can run simultaneously
  • High speed data access
  • Increasing the level of data availability
  • Random access and sequential data
  • Possibility of implementing RAID systems for data loss prevention
  • Increasing the amount of data that can be maintained online due to lower cost per MB
  • Facility of implementing DR&BC solutions