Video surveillance systems

Video surveillance systems, are useful and accessible today more than ever. They represent a reliable solution for interior or exterior surveillance of buildings and properties.

Full security of objectives cannot be secured without an Effective Video Surveillance System allowing both real-time monitoring of events and suspects, and record them for further verifications and providing records.
These systems have proven their efficiency in overseeing the production flow, resulting in a more efficient activity. Data storage can be done locally (on your hard disk) or on remote computers. The video surveillance system can be interconnected with a burglary alarm system or with the electronic access control and electronic timekeeping, to increase efficiency.

Motion detection is digital and can be associated with events as phone call alarms, triggering safety devices, etc. For securitydispecerat2, you can password surveillance applications. According to the needs of surveillance and remote monitoring and tracking different configurations are made.
Viewing images can be done from any computer connected to the local network using a web browser, like Internet Explorer or directly from any smartphone in real time over the Internet.


IP digital technology is the future in video surveillance, replacing the outdated video system with analog cameras, capture cards or DVR. A digital video monitoring system provides far superior image clarity and should be viewed primarily as a management tool that provides useful information in making rapid accurate decisions in real time for all processes monitored.

IP video surveillance systems offer administrators the ability to remotely control business due to the transmission of images in real time via the Internet. IP cameras offer clear advantages compared with analog technology, mainly by improved image quality and thus increasing the number of details recorded.